Bi-Mirth Corporation was founded in 1986, and ever since then our mission
has been to strive to be
one of the top fastener manufactures through quality, innovation,
and expertise.
We have evolved and expanded from a trade company in Taipei with only three employees to a manufacturing company based in Ganshan, Kaohsiung with our own forming, electroplating, coating, and packaging plant with approximately 250 employees.

Our company specializes in self-drilling, self-tapping, wood construction,
and concrete screwsfrom diameters M5 to M20 and up to 1,500 mm in length. We’re also constantly researchingand developing potential products
for the market. To ensure our fastener quality, we have a strong quality control team in our company.We currently have CE, ETA and C4 certifications for our European market, and ICC certification for our American market.


  • 1986
    Bi-Mirth Trading Co. started in Taipei, Taiwan.
  • 1989
    Bi-Mirth Corporation opened after its relocation to Gangshan, Taiwan, transforming from trading to manufacturing company and started producing self-drilling and self-tapping screws.
  • 1996
    Focus shifted towards specializing in long-size screws, and was one of the first manufacturers to import a fully automatic machine for long size screws.
  • 2002
    Opening of new coating plant.
  • 2006
    Opening of a sister electroplating company, Modern Alloy Plating Taiwan (MAPT), in Benzhou Environmental Park at Gangshan.
  • 2012
    CE Approval for certain products.
  • 2013
    Opening of a packing plant & ETA approval for the European market.
  • 2015
    ICC Approval for the North American market.
  • 2017
    Relocation and opening of brand new coating plant with machines imported from Spain and new coating palnt with machine properties laboratory for customers requests & different approvals.
  • 2018
    C4 Coating (VG Coating) Application Approval from RISE Sweden, and new machine sealer/wax installed for MAPT from Germany.
  • 2019
    Incoming machines for both manufacturing and coating plant.


CE, ETA, and C4 certifications for our European market, and the ICC certification for our American market.